Saturday, November 26, 2011

I need your urgent response!

is a great pleasure to write you, but I know you'll be very surprised that you do not know me. but I got your address from the directory business here in London where I am based. I'm Mrs. ANITA DIABATE. the wife of the brigade commander GENERAL DIABATE ABDULHAZEEZ an officer of the army or cote'D. President Laurent Gbagbo on 28 July 2010. However, I am writing this letter in confidence and hope that I as a secret because I believe that God hears prayer through several ways. Now when my husband was alive he deposited the sum of $ 20 million with the name of my son. which is the only son. Now, the brothers of my husband want to invade the property that my husband has to go. this is why I decided to ask if you can help me invest this money in your country in secret. so that my husband and brothers Laurent Gbagbo has no trace. because I am in exile in London. Only my son and my lawyer know. Please if you can help me with this problem, I think you are honest and human, God-fearing, which is not doubtful. You can write me and contact me at the address below. Again, please keep this secret for the good of me and my child. I would be very grateful if you can help me invest this money in your worksheet country without previous problem. I always look forward to your urgent response Thanks in advance here is my phone number and my e-mail =================== ==== Your phone number Your email Your completed Anita Diabate

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